Subject: Re: kernel config
To: Set <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/27/1994 00:03:06
On Tue, 27 Sep 1994 00:31:08 -0500 
 Set <> wrote:

 > Is there a canonical list of options for the kernel config file?
 > I am trying to compile a kernel with HPIB support and seem to be
 > meeting with limited success.  I have an HPIB tape drive as my only
 > HPIB device (boot from a scsi disk).  

I based mine on LAGER and tweaked it with stuff from GENERIC (which 
doesn't work on it's own, BTW...)

The one for my 433 is after the sig...

 > I have rebuilt a kernel with what I thought were the correct options,
 > but when I try, for example, tar cf /dev/ct0 /tmp/foo I get
 > Device not configured.  
 > I also am having trouble with rbootd -- it claims that the bpf is also
 > not configured, although I have it listed as a pseudo device in my kernel
 > config file.

While I have not personally used the ct driver, I have seen the problem 
with bpf...I did a send-pr on it, and I believe mycroft fixed it (hi 
Charles!)...It was a crufty bogon in MAKEDEV...The major number should be 
22...I forget what MAKEDEV though it was...


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                      -- ztp

-----cut here-----
# Jason's hp433s
# $Id: HELIX,v 1.18 1994/09/14 00:27:23 thorpej Exp $
machine		"hp300"

cpu		"HP380"		# includes 425t, 425s, 433s
ident		HELIX

# Need to set locally
timezone	8 dst
maxusers	32

# Standard system options
options		SWAPPAGER		# swap pager (anonymous and swap space)
options		VNODEPAGER		# vnode pager (mapped files)
options		DEVPAGER		# device pager (mapped devices)
options		"COMPAT_43"		# compatibility with 4.3BSD binaries
options		"COMPAT_44"		# compatibility with 4.4BSD binaries
options		"COMPAT_09"		# compatibility with NetBSD 0.9
options		SYSVSHM			# System V shared memory
options		SYSVSEM			# System V semaphores
options		SYSVMSG			# System V message queues
options		KTRACE			# system call tracing support
options		"NKMEMCLUSTERS=1024"	# 4K pages in kernel malloc pool

# Filesystem options
options		FIFO		# POSIX fifo support (in all filesystems)
options		FFS,QUOTA	# fast filesystem with user and group quotas
options		"CD9660"	# CD-ROM ISO-9660 filesystem
options		NFSCLIENT	# Sun NFS-compatible client
options		NFSSERVER	# Sun NFS-compatible server
options		UNION		# Union filesystem
options		KERNFS		# kernel data-structure filesystem
options		FDESC		# user file descriptor filesystem
options		PROCFS		# /proc filesystem

# Networking options
options		INET		# Internet protocols
options		"TCP_COMPAT_42"	# compatibility with 4.2BSD TCP/IP
options		GATEWAY		# IP packet forwarding
options		MULTICAST	# IP Multicast (redundant)
options		MROUTING	# Multicast routing support

# Options for HP hardware
options		FPSP		# floating point emulation for MC68040
options		USELEDS		# make the lights twinkle

# Debugging options
options		DDB		# Kernel Dynamic Debugger

# To support the double-autoconf slow hpib disks - LOCAL!!!!! - thorpej
options		SPAM

config		netbsd root on sd5a swap on sd5b

master		hpib0	at scode7
master		hpib1	at scode?
master		hpib2	at scode?
master		hpib3	at scode?
disk		rd0	at hpib? slave 0
disk		rd1	at hpib? slave 1
disk		rd2	at hpib? slave 2
disk		rd3	at hpib? slave 3
disk		rd4	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd5	at hpib? slave ?
disk		rd6	at hpib? slave ?
tape		ct0	at hpib0 slave ?

master		scsi0	at scode?
master		scsi1	at scode?
master		scsi2	at scode?
master		scsi3	at scode?
disk		sd0	at scsi0 slave 0
disk		sd1	at scsi0 slave 1
disk		sd2	at scsi0 slave 2
disk		sd3	at scsi0 slave 3
disk		sd4	at scsi0 slave 4
disk		sd5	at scsi0 slave 5
disk		sd6	at scsi0 slave 6
disk		sd7	at scsi1 slave 0
disk		sd8	at scsi1 slave 1
disk		sd9	at scsi1 slave 2
tape		st0	at scsi? slave ?
tape		st1	at scsi? slave ?

device		dca0	at scode9 flags 1

device		le0	at scode?

device		grf0	at scode?

pseudo-device	pty		128	# pseudo ptys
pseudo-device	bpfilter	16	# packet filter ports
pseudo-device	ite
pseudo-device	loop
pseudo-device	ether