Subject: kernel config
To: None <>
From: Set <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/27/1994 00:31:08
Is there a canonical list of options for the kernel config file?
I am trying to compile a kernel with HPIB support and seem to be
meeting with limited success.  I have an HPIB tape drive as my only
HPIB device (boot from a scsi disk).  

I have rebuilt a kernel with what I thought were the correct options,
but when I try, for example, tar cf /dev/ct0 /tmp/foo I get
Device not configured.  

I also am having trouble with rbootd -- it claims that the bpf is also
not configured, although I have it listed as a pseudo device in my kernel
config file.

I'm running on a HP9000/340.

The tar file for usr.share.tar.gz from seems corrupt - I
mangled together what I need from the source distribution, but was unable
to find a non-corrupt version in the binaries tree on several other sites,
either.  Is this known/cared about?