Subject: new X binaries
To: None <>
From: David Carrel <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/20/1994 16:19:39
There is a new set of X11R5 binaries for the hp300 available on sun-lamp
er... ftp.NetBSD.ORG in /pub/NetBSD/ports/X11R5/hp300/*

The main reason for this new set is that a server bug which was causing
core dumps was finally fixed (thanks to Jason Downs).   The README
(included below) tells what else is new.

As before, there are static and dynamic versions of the binaries and libs.
See the README to decide what you need.


20 Sept 1994	Dave Carrel (

	These binaries are built with NetBSD sources from 12 Sept 1994.
	The dynamic binaries are linked with

	What's new??  Other than being linked with a newer libc, these
	binaries include a patch that prevents a server core dump.  Kudos
	to Jason Downs (downsj@CSOS.ORST.EDU) for finding this one.
	The PEX extensions have been added to the server.
	The man pages are now nroffed and there is a whatis.db and imake
	will config Makefiles to nroff man pages.

19 June 1994	Dave Carrel (

	These are binaries for X11R5 for NetBSD on the hp300.  They were
	built on a NetBSD system made from sources from 4 June 1994.

	What's new??  These are made from newer NetBSD sources.  There is
	support for the libXext shared memory extensions.  These have a
	patch so that the mouse cursor doesn't keep disappearing.  There is
	new Catseye support.  And these have shared X11 libraries.

These are made from X11R5 sources at patchlevel 26.  The BSD4.4 code that I
used is

There are two sets of binaries.  A statically linked set, for those who
fear share libraries, and there is a dynamically linked set for those who
don't have tons of disk to waste.

The files should get installed into /usr/X11R5/ and the tar files are set
up for that except for the leading slash.

The static set consists of:
usr.X11R5.bin_static.tar.gz	      12938405 Sep 18 17:59
	the statically built bins in /usr/X11R5/bin
usr.X11R5.lib_static.tar.gz	        687780 Sep 18 17:40
	the .a libs in  /usr/X11R5/lib
usr.X11R5.lib.X11_static.tar.gz	        854410 Sep 19 20:07
	everything other than fonts from /usr/X11R5/lib/X11 (in static config)

The dynamic set consists of:
usr.X11R5.bin_dynamic.tar.gz	       2064053 Sep 18 18:52
	the dynamically built bins in /usr/X11R5/bin
usr.X11R5.lib_dynamic.tar.gz	        473052 Sep 18 18:50
	the .so libs in  /usr/X11R5/lib (you probably want the .a libs above)
usr.X11R5.lib.X11_dynamic.tar.gz        240796 Sep 19 19:59
	everything other than fonts from /usr/X11R5/lib/X11 (in dynamic config)

And the common files are:
usr.X11R5.include.tar.gz	        261000 Sep 18 18:56
	the files that go in /usr/X11R5/include
usr.X11R5.lib.X11.fonts.tar.gz	       3362785 Sep 18 19:10
	the fonts in /usr/X11R5/lib/X11/fonts		        492160 Sep 19 20:01
	the files that go in /usr/X11R5/man


The real credit belongs to people other than me.  Most of the credit for
this goes to those who ported X11R5 to BSD4.4.  I merely made the configs
work with NetBSD and patched some minor NetBSD-isms.  The only names that I
know of to give credit to for the BSD4.4 port are Mark Davies
(mark@Comp.VUW.AC.NZ) and Mike Hibler (  Jason Downs
(downsj@CSOS.ORST.EDU) found the NetBSD specific server core dump.  I have
no idea who else worked on these.  I appologize to anyone I may be

If you patch anything, please let me know.  Also I recommend sending a
notice to port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG since it is entirely possible that I can
fall of the face of the planet.