Subject: A few questions about the latest rootimage...
To: None <>
From: Michael Joosten <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/20/1994 22:08:33

I read the INSTALL file Herb Peyerl uploaded together with the rootimage.
Coming from a quite Sun-centric environment, a few things are a bit unclear:

>that you will need to get on your target disk via dd from any suitable
>Unix machine with the appropriate disk interface for your target disk.
>like so:
>gzcat rootimage.gz | dd of=<destination disk raw device>

What partition of the raw disk? If I format a disk with SunOS's format, a
label and a partitioning is automatically written. I'd guess I've to use
/dev/rsd0a (the first partition) or better said the partition that begins with
cylinder 0, right? Just because we have some old drives that were used with

And what about blocking factors for 'dd'?

The box in question is a 400t with Apollo equipment, so that the keyboard
won't work. Does a terminal hooked to the serial port work as console? Do I
have to 'remove' (graphics card) or disable some stuff first? Before I'm going
to convince someone to spend the money for the keyboard change, I'd like to
know if all works well... Yeah, and I'll have to check about that free upgrade
to 425, too.

Thanks, Michael

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