Subject: Re: network performance
To: David Carrel <>
From: Brad "ADB Guy" Grantham <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/14/1994 16:32:06
David Carrel writes:
> I started out testing throughput on my slip link.  I am using ttcp (a tcp
> test program).  When sending data TO my machine over a 28.8 modem with DTE
> set to 38.4 (the max on the hp300), I see transfer rates of around
> 3.62KBytes/s (~=36Kbaud).  Pretty nice!  (Obviously I am getting good
> compression in the modem.)  But when I tried reversing the direction
> (sending FROM my NetBSD machine) my transfer rate dropped to .97KB/s (close
> to one fourth).

I had a similar problem under NetBSD/Mac68k, and I discovered that my modem
was set for XON/XOFF, although the serial connection was configured for
hardware flow control.  I forget what the command was on my modem, but once
I configured it for RTS/CTS (or whatever that is), SL/IP started working

> I tried a similar test over my ethernet, and I noticed about a 10% drop
> when sending versus receiving.

But then, of course, my problem may have nothing to do with yours... 

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