Subject: /usr/local binaries
To: None <>
From: David Carrel <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/09/1994 12:18:26
I've put together quite a collection of hp300 binaries in my /usr/local.
I'll make them available if anyone would like them.  I don't have enough
disk space on my publicly available ftp site to leave them there
permanently, but if anyone would like any of these, drop me some mail and
I'll make them available for long enough for you to grab them.

I don't want to distribute sources.  For the packages I have ported, I sent
in diffs to the author (when necessary).  Feel free to aks for diffs.

These all use dynamic libraries.  They range in libc vintage from{11,12}.0


TeX and Metafont (version 3.1415)
	tex, latex, virtex, initex, mf, virmf, inimf, dvips, dvitype, xdvi,
	tangle, weave, detex, pooltype, bibtex, tftopl, pltotf, gftype,
	vptovf, vftovp, pktype, pktogf, mft, gftopk, gftodvi, dvicopy,
	MakeTeXPK, afm2tfm, plus all the fonts and inputs and ...

	tvtwm, xsetroot

X11 apps
	xv, xgrasp, glib, xdl, mpeg_play, gs, ghostview, xdvi, gnuplot,
	sxpm and the xpm libs, xcal (my modified version)

Other misc
	less (1.77), bash (1.14), gnu make (3.71), makeinfo, info bison, 
	emacs (19.25), kermit (190), oleo, ftp (with PASV support)

On the way (comming soon, hopefully)
	flexfax, xntp3.3z, perl (4.036), gated (3.5 alpha 5)