Subject: it lives...
To: None <>
From: jason downs <downsj@CSOS.ORST.EDU>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/01/1994 02:57:09
NetBSD 0.9C (JACOBS) #0: Wed Jun 29 04:20:56 PDT 1994
HP9000/320 (16.67MHz MC68020 CPU, HP MMU, 16.67MHz MC68881 FPU, 16K virtual-address cache)
real mem = 8380416
avail mem = 5447680
using 204 buffers containing 835584 bytes of memory
Parity detection enabled
dma: 98620B with 2 channels, 16 bit DMA
hpib0 at sc7, ipl 3
dca0 at sc9, ipl 5, flags 0x1
hpib1 at sc14, ipl 4
rd0: 7958A
rd0 at hpib1, slave 0
le0: hardware address 08:00:09:00:76:44
le0 at sc21, ipl 5

this should come pretty close to the slowest machine running NetBSD...

now to gen a working kernel w/o ite for it. gotta save every byte of memory.

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