Subject: Re: Is this hardware suitable?
To: None <,>
From: Mike Hibler <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/30/1994 14:31:14
As always, I am only familiar with 4.4bsd proper but NetBSD should support
the same things...

There should be no problem with the SCSI interface.  The 98625A is the
name for the "daughter board" SCSI HA (i.e. the SCSI interface is bolted
to the mother board or builtin to it).  The 98658 is the seperate DIO bus
SCSI interface.  The driver handles both.  The main difference is that the
625A can do 16-bit DMA while the 658 can only do 8-bit, here the former is
slightly faster.

Most of the other components are supported.  "Card ID 6" is the parallel
port, it isn't supported.  Don't know what "Card ID 37" is offhand, but
it is not supported.

I am not familiar with the "43T" model either, so there is a possibility
that the combined package won't work; e.g. CPU clock speed problems,
subtle (or not so subtle) differences in the bus, etc.  Can you offer any
more info?  Does the case have a different model number?  Is it floor-standing
or table-top (from the "T", I would guess the latter)?

The boot ROM should print out some more info, in particular the speed of the
processor and the identity of the mysterious "Card ID 37".

My best guess is that, yes, it will work.  You may have to add a new CPU
type to cpu.h (and the code to handle it in machdep.c and possibly locore.s).
If it prints "unknown machine type %d" and panics, that is what you are up