Subject: Is this hardware suitable?
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/29/1994 02:11:01

I wonder if the following hardware is suitable for running the hp300 port
of NetBSD:

# uname -a
HP-UX gribb B.09.00 A 9000/43T 080009151e48 two-user license
# dmesg

May 29 01:30
Internal HIL at 0x428000
    System Console is ITE
    ITE + 1 port(s)

I/O System Configuration:
    MC68040 processor
    HP98620C DMA
    Card ID 37     at select code 5 ignored;
    interface driver not present
    Card ID 37     at select code 6 ignored;
    interface driver not present
    Internal HP-IB Interface - system controller at select code 7
        Parallel poll interrupts enabled.
    HP98644 Advanced RS-232C Serial Interface at select code 9
        With 16 byte rcv fifo, 16 byte xmit fifo, hardware handshake
        and high speed clock.
    Card ID 6     at select code 12 ignored;
    interface driver not present
    HP98265A (SCSI Interface) at select code 14
        5 MB/s; parity enabled.
    HP98643 at select code 21
    HP98550 Bit Mapped Display at select code 133

I see the following comment in dev/scsi.c which could indicate a "no":

 * HP9000/3xx 98658 SCSI host adaptor driver.

but the following comment in dev/scsireg.h which could indicate a "yes":

 * HP 98265A SCSI Interface Hardware Description.

and hp300/autoconf.c only says (also as far as I can see indicating a "no"):

                /* 98625A */
                case 7:
                case 7+32:
                case 7+64:
                case 7+96:
                        hw->hw_type = C_SCSI;

And last but not least, is the hp300 port ready for "prime time" yet?  I
personally would probably need something like the Sparc install
instructions to get this going...


- Havard