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Installation on Lemote Yeeloong

Hello evbmips team,

I was trying to install NetBSD 8.0 and -current images from USB key on
Lemote Yeeloong 8089. While the boot procedure completes successfully and
brings me to installer menu, I am getting flooded with respawning dmesg
line "spurious isa interrupt 14", which makes it impossible to see
installler menu options. I wrote a bug report with bug number 54197 [1],
where a possible bugfix from OpenBSD [2] could be applied to the installer
image. If this gets fixed in -current with the new installer image
developed I could try booting the machine again and check if this error
dissapears. Or maybe there is another solution to complete the installer

1 - https://gnats.netbsd.org/54197
2 - https://v4.freshbsd.org/commit/openbsd/src/r4FZmeZEE978i9aM

Kind regards,

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