Subject: Re: Working Dreamcast images.
To: SirEJ <>
From: Andy R <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/26/2002 20:11:37
--- SirEJ <> wrote:
> I just gotta throw this question out, just for kicks
> and giggles... but I
> haven't been watching this list for awhile now. I
> left Sega last April and
> returned last August, and only for a month now did
> my email get restored.
> But my question is this:
> What is the ultimate purpose for the Dreamcast
> NetBSD project? Is there an
> actual functional purpose to it, or is this just a
> hobby?
> Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading this, and would
> eventually like to see
> it in action. But is there really any purpose to it?
> I'm sure it won't
> really replace my BSD box at home :)
> Eric Nelson

Well, I can see many uses. I'm sure there are plenty
of people to rip holes in my theories, but I'll go
ahead anyway:

o To learn about the architecture
o When they become $10 on ebay, a cheap compile farm
for said archeticture (pipe dream probably)
o A "poor mans" home computer that uses the family TV
as a display (no expensive monitor needed!).

As gaming consoles become obsolete, there becomes more
attraction to find uses for them by people with little
money, lots of time, and even more motivation. The way
I see it, only good things can come of that.


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