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Re: Box drawings char support on x68k and atari kernel for sysinst

bqt@ wrote:

> A quick look makes me wonder if you are making this a bit too special. 
> You seem to basically only allow dec graphics in G0, while it really 
> should make no difference if it's in G0, G1, G2 or G3.

Maybe it depends on meanings of "special".

The purpose of my changes is not full ISO 2022 compliancy
but to just make sysinst (and kernels) show box drawing chars
(handled by curses and default terminfo with TERM=vt220
that use smacs="^[(0" and rmacs="^[(B" for G0) properly,
i.e. it's really somewhat special.

> It's just that the most common case might be that it gets assigned to 
> G0, but there might be software that does things in a different way and 
> use G1 and so on.

If there are so many softwares that require G1/G2/G3 and
we want to utilize them on these tier-II ite ports,
maybe the right way to go to switching to MI wscons(9),
rather than remodeling ancient 4.4BSD derived wheels.


Izumi Tsutsui

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