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Re: Bootstrapping ARAnyM with NetBSD

> Since I don't have any real Atari hardware, I figured I'd play around with 
> ARAnyM. However, I can't seem to get my head around what's missing. I've 
> created a PC-DOS disk image onto which I've copied netbsd-ATARITT.gz (as 
> netbsd.gz) and loadbsd.ttp (from netbsd-6 from 18-March-2012). I launch 
> ARAnyM, double click the A: drive (oh, how it reminds me of CP/M!), double 
> click loadbsd.ttp, then type -b netbsd.gz, but then ARAnyM just crashes.

- It looks the real TOS ROM (not EmuTOS) is required to load netbsd.
- ARAnyM emulates 040 so you need FALCON kernel. (ATARITT supports only 030)
- ARAnyM doesn't emulate timer-A interrupt so NetBSD/atari doesn't work
  on it. (only device probe messages can be seen)

Izumi Tsutsui

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