Subject: Arm support for TI SDP2430, ARM 1136, ARMv6 and ARM VIPT cache
To: None <>
From: Martin Fouts <>
List: port-arm
Date: 09/25/2007 12:46:40
I've just attempted to send-pr a patch that adds support to release-4
for the TI SDP2430 evaluation board, the ARM 1136 processor core, ARM V6
cache support and VIPT support for ARM.

The work represents the effort of Matt Thomas and Cliff Neighbors of 3AM
Software Foundry for Danger, Inc. as well the efforts of many people at
Danger, including Marty Fouts, Todd Poynor, Ken Sumrall and others. It
builds on the previous OMAP port to NetBSD submitted by "Picovex"
containing the port to OMAP by Scott Anderson and others at Danger.

Matt Thomas is currently committing the changes to the matt-armv6

The port is reasonably stable: It has self-hosted on an NFS mounted file
system on the SDP2430 board.

Now that Danger is actively and openly working on NetBSD, we will be
making some of our other drivers and ports available to the community as
they become stable.