Subject: Re: Debugging / SPL-levels / AT91RM9200 success
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/07/2007 08:34:38
>> I'm also not convinced you need separate directories for each of the
>> SOCs.  In FreeBSD all the files live in sys/arm/at91, so far quite
>> happily.  I'm in the midst of bringing up an AT91SAM9260 eval board on
> Well, that can be easily changed. I just thought this is the normal way
> (each SOC in own directory)

Be careful about source code layout, please.  Some people think
that it's "the NetBSD way" to mash source code into small
segments and play acrobatics to compose them with heroic includes.
The way does not contribute portablity, "how easy the code reused
in future," in other words.  SoC is, by definition, the product of arbitrary
combination of pieces similar but different in all the details.  It's the
nature of SoC and code sharing does not always help how well it's is
designed for retargeting.  I think the worst is hpc* ports which I hate
to see.

Toru Nishimura/ALKYL Technology