Subject: Re: Debugging / SPL-levels / AT91RM9200 success
To: Toru Nishimura <>
From: Sami Kantoluoto <>
List: port-arm
Date: 03/06/2007 19:27:00
On Wed, Mar 07, 2007 at 01:58:14AM +0900, Toru Nishimura wrote:
> Sami Kantoluoto wrote;
> > When dd hangs (reading normal device), it's waiting "biowait".
> "lost interrupt" which notify xfer has done.  Upper half device driver
> waits for notification to proceed and is waiting forever.

Shouldn't there be that "lost interrupt" notify at console if that's the
case? I saw those before I fixed the driver to check that the IRQ request
line is in correct state (need to check because of the pin _change_ 
interrupt) but not anymore.

I'll take a look of FreeBSD's port.

PS. When the port is somehow working, we would like to see it in NetBSD's
repository. Currently we've three arch-directories, arch/arm/at91,
arch/arm/at91rm9200 and arch/evbarm/mpcsa. I've separated at91 and at91rm9200
because the idea is to write AT91SAM926x support too someday. They (AT91RM9200
and AT91SAM926x) have quite a lot common but e.g. AT91SAM926x does not have
a system timer like AT91RM9200, ethernet controllers are different and so

Thanks for helping,