Subject: Re: RFC: Change SWI number base?
To: None <>
From: John Tytgat <>
List: port-arm
Date: 01/04/2002 13:18:36
Ben Harris wrote:

>Why?  What's wrong with keeping the ARM veneers as they are, and just
>making the Thumb veneers indirect through SYS_syscall when they need to
>(or even all the time, which would make SYS.h easier to write).
>Remember, using SYS_syscall all the time will change a typical veneer
>	swi	SYS_foo
>	bcs	__cerror
>	mov	pc, lr
>	str	r3, [sp, #-4]!
>	mov	r3, r2
>	mov	r2, r1
>	mov	r1, r0
>	mov	r0, #SYS_foo
>	swi	SYS_syscall
>	bcs	__cerror
>	mov	pc, lr
It's even worse, you need to restore the sp stack on exit too.


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