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Re: amigappc test kernel for CSPPC and BPPC

supernobby wrote:

> sorry, it took me some time to test this because I have limited access
> to my  A4000T with CSPPC.
> Now I finally managed to try the files and it boots ok. The kernel
> reaches the askroot prompt. Attached is also a poor picture. 
> Not sure if this is of any help. But I just wanted to let you know that
> it works so far. Thank you!

Thanks! It's always nice to hear something works. :)

On the screenshot I found two new pieces of hardware which I didn't test
yet: The grfcv3d(4) seems to work fine (assuming a dark background is
correct? grfcv uses a light background). The A4000 SCSI aftsc(4) is
recognized, but we cannot say it it works as long as you have no devices
connected to it.

I detected some minor problems in the "Model:" line. The CPU version and
clock is printed wrong. I fixed that.

Thanks for your test. You may want to try with an amigappc userland now, but
this is not recommended without manually changing the source, as all
amigappc SCSI drivers still have problems with DMA.

Frank Wille

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