Subject: Re: PPC bootblock
To: None <,>
From: Ignatios Souvatzis <>
List: port-amigappc
Date: 01/19/2007 23:13:09
On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 04:10:02PM +0100, Frank Wille wrote:
> Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:
> >> But to find it out I need a way to boot the kernel. Does the PPC-starter
> >> bootblock in amiga/stand/bootblock/ppcboot work? How to compile it?
> > 
> > Give me a day or two to dig out my old notes on how this was meant to
> > work.
> Thanks.

sorry it took so long. I looked at the code.

It is meant to be built on NetBSD/amiga(68k), while having an
ppc-cross-compiler available additionally.

this should probably cleaned up in a way that the 68k part is checked
in as a binary on the ppc side of the tree one day.