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Re: What is current situation on amigappc?

> But is it booting somehow already? Is also AGA console available, or even
> perhaps serial console? Is there somewhere bootstrap images available so
> that interested parties could try follow what you have started. I think
> there still some spare brains able to do it only if they knew where to
> start. ;-)
> Port homepage (http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/amigappc/) isn't very
> informative about current situation. If you could manage that much free
> time that you could put snapshot of your current effort on webpage there
> might be somebody with time that could pick it up. Release early, release
> often. Share your effort with rest of people. This is too valuable effort
> just to fade away. I am sure there will somebody happy if you put
> something on webpage. Atleast I would be.

I agree.
For the start take a look at http://www.albedo.art.pl/~adam/netbsd/
(look at the date!) and I will write some more soon.
Thanks for warming my faith up ;)

        kind regards

                - Adam

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