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Initial Cyberstorm Mk III scsi support


this is half off-topic..., but I guess you'll excuse me.

if you read port-amiga (as you should), you will have noticed that
I integrated Michael Hitches driver for the CS Mk. III /CS PPC SCSI
host adapter.

- no Ultra speed.
- no WIDE transfers, especially no targets with target id >= 8 are visible.

However, after fixing one bug two days ago, it works fine not only with
Michaels disks, but also for me :-)

Please test, if you can (prerequisites: CS Mk 3 or CS PPC; ability to build
NetBSD/Amiga68k -current kernels).

Especially: I have no idea at the moment whether the Blizzard603+'s host
adapter is of the same type and base address. Would be nice to know.


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