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Re: Kernel without SUN support

Hi Harald,

From: port-amiga-owner%NetBSD.org@localhost <port-amiga-owner%NetBSD.org@localhost> on behalf of Harald Meinzer <funlife%freenet.de@localhost>
Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2023 14:09

> is there somebody out, who could compile a Kernel without this stupid 384 MB
> Ram per Task limit? This is completely obsolete. 

No sure about the 384 MB limit, but here you have the netbsd-10-0-RC1 WSCONS kernel with the COMPAT_SUNOS option commented out:

However I suggest you compile your own, it is really easy:

  1. Get a NetBSD install on a modern computer. I use the amd64 arch.
  2. Ensure you have the comp package installed.
  3. Get the source code from the branch you want. In my case I did: 
    cvs -d anoncvs%anoncvs.NetBSD.org@localhost:/cvsroot checkout -P -r netbsd-10-0-rc1 src
  4. Edit the GENERIC configuration file:
    vi src/arch/amiga/conf/GENERIC
  5. Look for the COMPAT_SUNOS option and comment it out.
  6. Build the amiga cross-compiling toolchain:
    cd src && ./build.sh -m amiga tools
  7. Compile the kernel:
    ./build.sh -m amiga kernel=WSCONS
  8. Get your kernel at:


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