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GCC8 v.s. amiga


For my Amiga A1200 with 68060, kernel built by GCC8 does not work.
It randomly crashes, and I could not enter DDB nor even obtain
backtrace; it suddenly freezes.

This occurs even if the entire kernel is built with -O0. On the
other hand, if only kern_tc.o is replaced by that compiled by GCC7,
kernel works without problems as far as I can see.

Userland built by GCC8 works just fine. Also, for other m68k ports,
kernels for sun3 and luna68k seem (almost) OK. Kernel for mac68k
works if -fno-omit-frame-pointer is specified (-fomit-frame-pointer
is enabled by default for optimize levels >= -O1 for GCC8).

I tried various things, but all attempts failed miserably.
Could anyone help us? If you have Amiga's, please test kernel
built by GCC8 for your configuration.


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