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Re: 3c589 PCMCIA on A1200 - possible resolution to PR port-amiga/31134

Martin Åberg wrote:

> The NetBSD Amiga PCMCIA bus driver, gayle_pcmcia.c, appears to be
> working well with 8-bit PCMCIA I/O accesses but not 16-bit I/O
> accesses.

Yes. This has unfortunately been a known problem for a long time.

> This
> patch enables support for 16-bit I/O accesses which allows for use of 
> the 3Com
> 3C589 EtherLink III Ethernet controller.

Very nice! And the solution seems so simple. :)

> - Not tested with other PCMCIA cards.

I have an 8-bit PCMCIA network card, which already worked before:
  D-Link DFE-670TXD
And it still works after applying your patch! Good job!

Tested on the latest A1200 model with ACA1230.

I have uploaded a GENERIC kernel with your patch under
for anybody else who wants to test it with other cards.


Frank Wille

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