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Re: CAS and 020 bus error (was: Amiga 3000 video strangeness - next thing)

Michael van Elst wrote:

> frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost (Frank Wille) writes:
>> Even if it does, it might just have been luck, because you didn't run
>> into a page-fault while CAS was executing (also had this myself once).
> AFAIK kernel mutexes aren't paged out nor is the kernel map.

Hmm. Then I'm out of ideas. But the problem does exist.

> The only gotcha would be the smaller 68030 ATC (22 vs 64 entries).
> If we forgot to flush the ATC correctly this might have an effect.

Hard to believe. Then we should notice an effect on the 68030 as well. Less
frequent, but at least sometimes.

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