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Re: 020/851 panic (was: Amiga 3000 video strangeness)

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007, Frank Wille wrote:

> Maybe a problem of limited memory? There are 4MB on the A2620.
> After loading the (custom) kernel approximately 2MB will be left.
> I can do some more tests in the next days. Although it makes
> not really sense to run NetBSD on such a machine, I think it
> would be amazing. :)

  I seem to recall that 4MB was problematic quite a while ago (or maybe
it was 2MB - the details are rather hazy), but that sounds like it could
be the problem.

  I just tried booting my test machine restricting memory to 5MB and got
some messages I've never seen before (almost like some debugging flag got
set).  I then tried it with 8M, and got as far as raidframe trying to
allocate memory for buffers, at which point it hung.  This was with the
GENERIC kernel, so it's not suprising it has problems with 8MB.  I'll need
to try building a minimal kernel and try again.


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