Subject: Re: Amiga 3000 video strangeness - next thing
To: Michael L. Hitch <>
From: John Klos <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 05/31/2007 13:17:36
>> uvm_fault(0x1aab30, 0x2001a000, 0x1) -> 0xe
>>    type 8, code [mmu,,ssw]: 402f64d
>> trap type 8, code = 402f64d, v = 2001a000
>> pid = 1, lid = 1, pc = 0011C924, ps = 2000, sfc = 1, dfc = 1
>  An 'x/i 0011C924' here should be helpful, to show the exact instruction
> that trapped (since the traceback doesn't include it).

db> x/i 0011C924
netbsd:copyout+0x8c:    rts

>> Is m68030 support known to work at the moment?
>  I can't say that I know it works - I don't have a 68020 or 68030.  I did
> make a change recently that may have broken on 68030.  The netbsd-4 pullup
> was on May 23, and the HEAD change was committed on May 12.
>  I'll check over my changes and see if I can spot anything obvious.

Ok. It's hard for me to test, since I don't have any easy way to get new 
files onto the install disk. miniroot.fs wasn't working, either, so I set 
up my filesystem the way I wanted it on a 2 gig flash card on an A1200, dd 
| gzip, scp'd, and dd | gunzip on this end (the machine is colocated).

It'd be nice if there were an easier way, but I have no TCP stack set up 
in my minimal AmigaDOS on this machine.