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Pb with NetBSD and 68060


I explain you my problem:

i've just receive my Blizzard 2060 accelerator board (68060+FastScsi II 
controler+ 32 Bits RAM expansion) for my A2000B.
I had before a GVP Combo 322 (68030+Scsi controler+ 32 Bits RAM expansion) and 
NetBsd 1.0 ran well.
But now it doesn't run any more with the New board.
So i would like to know if you know someone using a 68060 with netbsd and can 
you tell me his e-mail for asking him some questions.
I've found a NetBSD kernel for the 68060 at 
But the problem is that the kernel is a 1 050 Ko size file and LaodBSD load it 
in CHIP MEM. But my A2000 has only 1 Mo of
CHIP RAM. So i have the error msg that there is not enough memory to load 
kernel in chip...
The name of the person who has put this kernel is Ignatios Souvatzis. But there 
is no e-mail adress to join him. Do you know him?
Is the new version (1.2 release) have a more than 1 Mo kernel size ? and where 
can i find it ?

If you have any answer for my problem please let me know because i'm locked to 
run NetBSD.


Best regards
Laurent Baroukh
e-mail: lbaroukh%zd.com@localhost

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