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A3000/040/Retina mouse pointer


    Well, apparently my previous message got nuked somewhere along the 
line.  Apologies if this is a duplicate.

    I have recently installed X11R6 on my A3000/A3640 NetBSD-1.1 box.  I 
have a Retina ZIII and managed to get Xamiga24 up on a beautiful 1152x910
screen.  The problem is that the mouse pointer moves in huge (<> 512 
pixel) increments on the screen in the vertical direction.  Pointer 
movement is fine horizontally.

    I remember seeing postings about this at some time in the past but 
can't remember when or on which list.  Anyone recognize this?  Is there a 
solution.  Is this the '040/Retina problem that I vaugely remember from 
days gone by?   Any help greatly appreciated.


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