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Re: Can UNIX coexist with AmigaDOS? Porting UNIX under Amig

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> Date sent:      Sat, 10 Feb 1996 20:22:43 +0100
> Subject:        Re: Can UNIX coexist with AmigaDOS? Porting UNIX under 
> AmigaDOS
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> Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> > But porting UNIX is far more simple, it is written to be portable.
> > AmigaDOS do not use MMU, so it is free for UNIX.
>  The last sentence is not correct.  My AmigaDOS does use the MMU.

Yeah, MMU can be used to softkick ROM into FastRAM, but this can be
switched off or can be rewritten to coexist with new unix.
The same applies to Gigamem or VMM (which are NOT part of the system.

> > My idea is Linux or NetBSD running as one task (or few tasks) under
> > AmigaDOS like PC-Task or Shape Shifter.
>  Your idea is very old and already has been started into a project.  The
> project is called "AmiNix" and is based on NetBSD.  Unfortunately due to
> some personal problems, the author seemed to have stopped working on it.
> At least I haven't heard anything recently. I don't have his address.
I didn't hear about AmiNix. Thank you for this piece of information. Looks
like I've been living in different Universe for a few years, sorry. :)

I checked home page of AmiNIX few minutes ago, but it looks like AmiNIX
is not exactly what I want.

AmiNIX is supposed to work also with 68000 (without MMU), so it's not REAL
UNIX. My idea was fully compatible Linux or NetBSD kernel (i.e. you can use
this kernel with Linux or NetBSD partitions), which do not takeover system,
but uses AmigaDOS for I/O, leaving optionaly AmigaDOS processes running.

 Frantisek Dufka, age 21
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 Palacky University
 Czech Republic                 C64, A500, A1200 68030/28Mhz 8+2MB 1.2G HD

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