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Announce: Tseng ET4000 & W32 grf and ite support


ANNOUNCE: Merlin, Domino and oMniBus soon to be supported by NetBSD.

Tonight I have been successful to get grf and ite support together
for the (old and ancient :-)) oMniBus, which consists of a kind of
bridgeboard (a la GoldenGate) and a ISA Tseng ET4000 PC VGA card.

The driver is directly ported from the NetBSD 1.1 Cirrus code,
to be honest, it was just taking care of the slightly different
register layout and ignoring the sprite stuff, but console works
quite well.

Due to the fact that I'm also busy on the Amiga side writing
graphics drivers for AmigaOS and various graphics cards (the
Graffity system which supports Merlin, Domino, oMniBus, Picasso,
Piccolo and Spectrum), I also know enough about the Merlin and
the Domino to get support for them up and running.

Due to the fact that I'm currently busy preparing for an exam
early March, it may take a few weeks to get the other boards
supported, too. :-(

Anyone who is interested may drop me a line or two and I will
send him the sources or a kernel for testing purposes.

I have one problem now: there is currently no X server for
Tseng chips. Xcl could be modified to support them, too, though.
Using Xcl does not work although the display is initialized
almost correctly, but as Xcl uses the Cirrus hardware directly
it is not compatible.

Anyone out there who could write support or give me some (even
very old, preferably without Cirrus blitter) Xcl sources? :-)

Bye,                    \|/
  Tobias                @ @
| Tobias Abt                                           |
| email: tabt%studbox.uni-stuttgart.de@localhost                 |
|   irc: tabt@#AmigaGer                                |
|   www: http://wwwcip.rus.uni-stuttgart.de/~etk10317/ |

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