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Re: NetBSD 1.1 and Picasso - possible solution

>So as far as I'm concerened the patches should be
>applied to the source tree.

I have one suggestion though: instead of distributing the 0xfff all
around the sources, make the change in one central place. Something
like the following to grf_clreg.h:

/* Video DAC */
extern int cltype;
#define VDAC_ADDRESS            0x03c8
#define VDAC_ADDRESS_W          0x03c8
#define VDAC_ADDRESS_R          ((cltype == PICASSO) ? \
                                (0x03c7 + 0xfff) : 0x03c7)
#define VDAC_STATE              0x03c7
#define VDAC_DATA               ((cltype == PICASSO) ? \
                                (0x03c9 + 0xfff) : 0x03c9)
#define VDAC_MASK               0x03c6

If performance is an issue, make the offsets variables and initialize
while attaching. Also it seems that the RAttrP2() function is not used
anywhere. Maybe some combing of the patches is in order before
applying to the tree.

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