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Gas from binutils 2.6 [Re: gcc/gas problems]

*** Regarding gcc/gas problems; steinarb%frodo.hiof.no@localhost (Steinar 
Birkelund) adds:

Steinar> So I downloaded binutils2.6 to get the latest gas, but I
Steinar> can't get the new version to work at all. This is what
Steinar> happens:

Steinar> /tmp/cc0000901.o: Invalid bfd target Assembler messages:
Steinar> FATAL: Can't create /tmp/cc0000901.o: Invalid bfd target

Assuming you are using NetBSD-Amiga, the following patch to
bfd/config.bfd may help:

--- config.bfd  Sun Dec 17 17:58:08 1995
+++ config.bfd.orig     Thu Nov 16 14:57:12 1995
@@ -231,8 +231,7 @@
-#  m68*-*-elf* | m68*-*-sysv4* | m68*-cbm-*)
-  m68*-*-elf* | m68*-*-sysv4* | m68*-cbm-sysv*)
+  m68*-*-elf* | m68*-*-sysv4* | m68*-cbm-*)

Now run configure again usign m68k-cbm-netbsd1.1 as the architecture name.
The problem with config.bfd was that it confused SVR4 with NetBSD on the
Amiga thereby causing the BFD library to be configured for ELF and not

Speaking of binutils 2.6, has anyone made gas from binutils 2.6
assemble PIC correctly?  On Amiga 68k NetBSD 1.1 it doesn't handle PIC
correctly; in fact, the -k option appears to be a no-op.

Per Bojsen                                   Email: pb%delta.dk@localhost
DELTA IC Design                                     
Venlighedsvej 4, Hoersholm, Denmark

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