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Makefile.amiga & trivial "bugs"

Is there any particular reason why the kernel makefile
(/sys/arch/amiga/conf/Makefile.amiga) explicitly sets the processor type
to 020?  My own preference is for 020-040 (-m68020-40), but it would seem
better to simply use whatever the compiler defaults to. 

Also, is there some simple way to report trivial "bugs" other than send-pr
or posting here.  Most of the time when I have trouble with a -current
build, it is a simple typo that leads to a compiler error (the last one I
saw was an "sc" that should have been a "cs"--or maybe it was the other
way around).  It just seems to be a bit of an over-kill to submit a formal
bug report that adds no more information than what is provided by doing a

-------- Henric Jungheim  -------------------  henric%zoom.com@localhost 

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