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Re: compiling kernel: does 'make depend' have its dependencies right?

> > Finally, what must be set to make the kernel boot?  There's an option
> > named INSTALL or something similar whose comment says something about
> > miniroot booting.  Since I haven't needed to boot from the miniroot
> > filesystem since I got the full system installed, I took it out.  My new
> > kernel would freeze with no error messages after the 'views configured'
> > message.  When I put the option back in, the kernel worked.
>  I guess you want to start this kernel.  If you made sever changes in the
> kernel file, and copying the kernel to /dev/reload doesn't give but a black
> screen, you need to restart the Amiga and use "loadbsd".
>  Otherwise you made something wrong and your root-partition is not
> recognized if the kernel stops after the "views installed" messages.

No kernel has ever started for me by copying it to /dev/reload.

The problem I described happens when using loadbsd.   

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