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Re: loadbsd problems

> we're getting this error:
> loadbsd: Unknown binary: No such process
> (with -b switch)
> loadbsd: Unknown binary: No such file or directory
> (with no -b switch)
> ixemul is version 39.45
> netbsd is kernel I pulled down very recently
> loadbsd version 2.12
> Thanks a lot, sorry if this has been hashed over but I can't find
> anything on the net about it!

Can you please provide this with some more information? From the error messages
i'd say you try to execute loadbsd from NetBSD? If so, this does of course not
work, loadbsd is thought to work under AmigaOS.

What kernel do you use? What switches (besides -b)? You do give it a kernel as
an argument, don't you?


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