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Hangs at end of loadbsd/beginning of kernel

Ignore the post I made to "port-amiga" -- we fixed the problem, it was
an invalid netbsd kernel (we had too many nulls at the beginning, an
error in copying).
Now loadbsd is getting screwed somewhere _after_ the "-t" option would
normally make it exit, and after the screen clears, but before the kernel
prints anything.  So it's either in LoadView, startit, or within the

We are at our wit's end.  Our debugger is not letting us trace properly, and
I can't tell what is going on.

Amiga 2000
GVP3001 '030 50MHz board
stock 4MB of ram on accelerator board
1MB Chip memory
AmigaDOS & ROM 2.04

Thanks a lot for your help.
I'm having trouble finding maillist archives to search, and I wouldn't know
what to search for.

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