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Help w/A3000

> I'm trying to boot NetBSD 1.1 on a A3000 with an A3640 and 6MB ram.  I have 2
> hard drives a Fujitsu 1080MB and a Quantum 52MB.  I partitioned the fujitsu
> according to the instructions in INSTALL on ftp.netbsd.org.  I then copied the
> miniroot file to the swap space on my fujitsu hd using xstreamdev.  Again I
> followed the instructions in INSTALL.  After typing the command loadbsd -b
> netbsd everything seems to work ok.  Both harddrives are recognized the 
> fujitsu
> as sd0, the quantum as sd1.  My scsi controller is recongnized.  Everything
> seems normal.  At least as far as I can tell, I'm not a beginning computer
> user, but I'm not a UNIX expert either.  When NetBSD asks for the root
> partition, I've told it sd0d (the fourth partion on my drive is the swap
> partitions), sd03, sd0* like in Install, and even just plain sd0.  I get the
> same result every time.  I see some messages from NetBSD, that I don't have to
> read, then my system reboots.
> I am also curious to know if the screen driver supports 16 color ntsc-lace
> screens and if so, how do I envoke.  I need the color to be able to effectivly
> use some software for a class this semester.
> Thanks
> Chris
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