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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

>> True as far as it goes.  But if there is no Ultrix ABI for SPARC,
>> there is nothing to map.
> I think you are deliberately missing the point.

Missing the point?  Perhaps.  But not deliberately.

> the ultric compat layer does stuff like alter structure contents for
> some calls, alter ioctl numbers, (etc etc) - all of that can be
> tested by an application that knows what to expect on any
> architecture at all.

This sounds to me like exactly what I was talking about in

>> It sounds as though you are proposing to, to pick a concrete example
>> for convenience of language, design a SPARC ABI which is in some
>> ways similar to the Ultrix ABI for VAX, then use that to test

But you say it's "[n]ot quite that".  Could you explain the
difference(s) you see to me?  I'm missing them.

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