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Re: Regarding the ULTRIX and OSF1 compats

> In the case of Ultrix, you don't even need the old system to run
> Ultrix binaries, because IIRC, they're all statically-
> linked.  There's already been one example of "ability to run
> commercial software for Ultrix" posted in this thread, and we should
> let that keep working (believe it or not, it actually works really
> well in the Ultrix case, as well as SunOS on SPARC, though you do
> need the system shared libraries and dynamic linker in that case).
> -- thorpej

this is exactly what im talking about. im trying to install a game
thats "statically linked" but requires 32 bit libraries. im a bit
confused now. if its a static build for your platform (or at least
compatible) you shouldnt need any extra stuff. i think ultrix and bsd
is related enough to handle that. system calls may be another story but
thats usually also handled quite well and uniform. but do we really
still need a dynamically linked librarian for this anymore? its like
installing the same lib for X86_64 and i686

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