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Re: port-alpha/6446

The problem is still here on 7.0 release.

I was able to netboot and successfully install NetBSD on Multia using Roland's method, though in a slightly different way.
Since I don't have other Alphas here, instead of using setnetbootinfo, I've manually added mac address to the if_prom.c and cross-compiled NetBSD.

BTW NetBSD Multia FAQ states the following
> Supposedly Firmware revision 3.8-2 is capable of netbooting
I have exactly 3.8-2 revision, but looks like it still needs mac address hardcoded in binary.
Though IIRC, when I've tried untouched installation/netboot/netboot image, it was able to get mac address, but in wrong format like "BOOTP 8 0 ...". Maybe I just don't have use of rfc1048 replies enabled for bootpd.

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