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Re: Anyone running MP Alpha systems?

Is anyone running any multiprocessor Alpha systems for extended periods of
time? I'm seeing lockups of the DS25 I've been testing, and I can't get in
to the kernel debugger, so I'm about to try a uniprocessor kernel for a
while to see if it helps.

I have a dual CPU DS20, but I rarely run it. I have seen it hang with
both processors online. It seems to run OK with GENERIC.MP but "cpuctl
offline 1" in rc.local, so that could be a first thing to try.

I've compiled a uniprocessor kernel and testing it now. Didn't think about just disabling one - that'd have been too simple!

Since the lockups seemed to happen over the course of several days to a week, I'll be compiling and testing for quite a while before I can say whether this is an issue.

Got a dual processor CS20 that I've been meaning to get running a .MP
kernel again, think I might give it a whirl Monday.

Any more data would be great. Have you run yours MP doing things for any length of time?


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