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Re: Stream of kernel messages: pid <n> is killed: exceeded RLIMIT_CPU

On Nov 13,  7:44pm, jarle%uninett.no@localhost (Jarle Greipsland) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Stream of kernel messages: pid <n> is killed: exceeded RLIMIT

| Note that the systems sets its clock with ntpdate during the boot
| process.  Might that be it?

>From your dmesg the backwards time messages start before then, right?

| I applied your patch, and still gets "exceeded
| RLIMIT_CPU"-messages (kernel messages attached).  However, they
| seem to (mostly) disappear once the clock source is switched from
| PCC (the default during boot, I think) to "clockinterrupt" (as set
| in /etc/sysctl.conf), and ntpdate has been run.  Strange.

Well, if it is better commit it.

| What is really the difference between the PCC and
| "clockinterrupt" as clock sources?  Just different modes from the
| same hardware, or different beasts altogether?

I have no idea. I will need to read the source more. We need someone with
alpha hardware knowledge.



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