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EB164 console

I recently installed on an EB164 machine (a "Digital AlphaPC 164LX").
I've been unable to make serial console work at all, so I'm using video
console (a first on alpha for me).

I didn't care for the default of white on blue, so I built a kernel

options         WS_KERNEL_FG=WSCOL_BLUE
options         WS_KERNEL_BG=WSCOL_BLACK

and the WS_KERNEL_* options took effect, but WS_DEFAULT_BG is getting
ignored (possibly WS_DEFAULT_FG too).  For that matter, even when
printing kernel output, the background is blue until it gets
overwritten, so I get blue-on-black lines with solid blue on the part
of the line that isn't written over.

Am I just missing something, or will I need to dig into the code to
figure out how to fix it?

4.0.1, in case it matters.

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