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Re: Please test a GENERIC.MP kernel for me

On Oct 26, 2009, at 11:58 AM, Michael L. Hitch wrote:

>  This kernel fails to boot on my ES40, presumably because since I've added 
> drives to the iop(4) raid adapter, it seems the kernel needs to be loaded at 
> a higher memory address.  I was also unable to boot a kernel from my -current 
> tree - it kept crashing after calling the iop_config_interrupts() routine.  I 
> then applied Jason's diffs to my netbsd-5 tree and that kernel booted and ran 
> no worse that before.  There were some pool cache invalidation changes Jason 
> made that weren't in the netbsd-5 branch, so I tried to add those diffs and 
> got a kernel that didn't do so well.  I then added the other pool cache 
> invalidation changes and got a kernel that seemed to work no worse than 
> before.

Yes, I was mostly validating that my changes didn't make anything worse... But 
before those fixes, there was an opportunity for some user pmaps to NOT have 
the entire set of kernel L1 PTEs entered into them correctly.

>  I was also able to finally get a -current kernel booting and running (no 
> idea why I was having the problems in iop_config_interrupts() before). That 
> also seems to run no worse than before.
>  Both my netbsd-5 and -current kernels still run into problems once in a 
> while.  I get segment violations in a couple of the build tools (install, and 
> I think grotty), and have had some kernel memory trap panics.

There are some bugs in the current Alpha pmap wrt. TLB shootdown and I-stream 
sync.  I'm working on them now.

> --
> Michael L. Hitch                      mhitch%montana.edu@localhost
> Computer Consultant
> Information Technology Center
> Montana State University      Bozeman, MT     USA

-- thorpej

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