Subject: Giving Away DEC 5305 with Single Alpha Processor
To: NetBSD Alpha Port <>
From: mowestusa <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/22/2007 15:12:13
I have a working DEC 5305 for the taking. It has over
256megs of ram, and one DEC Alpha Chip the 533mhz (I

It has a RAID bay with a controller that is recognized
by NetBSD, but is not seen by SRM.

I don't have a working hard drive for it, and have no
desire in trying to find a working SCSI drive to put
into one of the enclosures that came with the system.
Whoever wants it can have the three enclosures as

It has booted several times without issue, and loaded
NetBSD off of the 3 boot floppies without issue. I
just can't get NetBSD installed on any of the drives
that came with it.

I live in South East MI near the Ohio boarder, just
north of Toledo, OH.

If no one asks for it, I plan to take it on September
8th to the county electronics recycling day. I hope
someone else can put it to good use.


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