Subject: Re: NetBSD INSTALL kernel and Multia IDE controller [wdc0]
To: None <>
From: Professor Moriarty <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/11/2007 17:47:17
@ Dave: Sorry, I'm a bit frustrated right now, I spent $50 on this
thing and it seems like I'll have to cough up more, not to mention
I've been at this for a while and it got to me.

@ Michael: The Multia's internal 44-pin controller is attached to
isa0... same as the com and lpt ports.

@ Anders: Thanks. I'm currently setting up NetBSD on my CS20... will
try to create a slimmed-down GENERIC and booting that in my Multia.

@ khym: "Professor James Moriarty" is not a real Professor, rather it
was the name of Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis. Also, I was unaware you
had to put your realname in your email's name field.