Subject: xfree86 window manager on alpha 164LX
To: NetBSD/alpha Discussion List <>
From: bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/12/2006 15:40:05
I have X 4.4.99 at least, working perfectly fine on 164LX, using the 
sources from Marv with an nvidia fx5200.

I tried to build kde from the meta packagtes, using the last pkgssrc 
update.  Did not work, failed on accessibility and some other modules.
I had tried to build kdebase, and afer 3 days, it came back with a 
faillure. Figure that was my config.  This gave me a stop after about 15 
minutes.  No big thing to me, just a data point to the crew.

Mounted a drive as /usr/src, just to free up space on the /usr to allows 
pkgsrc to have plenty of space. figured that might have something to do 
wit hteh long attempt to build kdebase.

I am now trying to do gnome build from meta package. I think it is still 
running after 40 minutes or so on 164lx 600, with 1GB ram. Going to go 
check on it.  I set it up securely so I can't remotely log in and check 
on it.  Paranoia is such fun.


The invocation of the law of unintended consequences.