Subject: LInux emulation question
To: NetBSD/alpha Discussion List <>
From: bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 02/08/2006 09:43:02
I know that the same video cards that are supported under Alpha Core 1, 
XFree86, are NOT supported under NetBSD.  I have installed AC1 on both 
164LX and DS10 boses, with ATI 7500 cards, and X works just fine.

I know now that the 7500 card (as well as others) is not supported on 
DS10 or 164LX under netbsd, I know this first hand now.

SO, with the linux emulation enabled inthe kernel, can I run - probably 
install from srpm- AC1 Xfree86 on those boxes under NetBSD?

Yes, I can run AC1, Yes, all kinds of tools are there, but I am still 
basically a BSD guy.  Some how my natrual affinity is BSD and I like the 
braggin rights of having Netbsd on alpha.
The invocation of the law of unintended consequences.