Subject: Re: xf86config, xf86cfg on alpha (and probably others)?
To: None <,>
From: bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 01/29/2006 15:14:45
Fellow BSDers,
This subject, X on alpha running NetBSD really intrigues me.
I have tried, a number of times all unsuccessrully, to get X running on 
a NetBSD platform. Mel has tried to help me, many times, but being a 
guy, I may not always follow directions, ahem... and I am about to 
really focus on trying to follow the steps he provides. Once again.

I do hve a copy of AC1 running on a DS10 box, with an ATI radeon 7000. 
Just worked out of the install. Had to put in the monitor info, but that 
was it.   I mention this only because it is possible, beyond going to 
caseydoodle page that shows the desktops, drooling on my mac keybard 
dreaming about having X running on a NetBSD Alpha desktop, to have an 
alpha as my main gui'd desktop box.

I got into NetBSD cuase it just seems natural to me, but now I need a 
gui.  Yep, I did do a whole bunch of install instructions debugging - 27 
times before I got a good (correct and working) install on uVax II - so 
even I can learn new tricks.

So, for those gurus out there who can hdlp us stumbling klutz, direction 
impaired geeks who want X on the NetBSD desk top .... is there some way 
to get this X capability in the basic build of NetBSD Alpha?

thanks for all the help over the years.  Hope you guys got a laugh out 
of me being honest and serious about my previous flubs,

Hubert Feyrer wrote:

> Not knowing the alpha platform at all, I had someone on EFnet #NetBSD in 
> IRC who was desperate about setting up X on his S3-equipped alpha.
> And he couldn't find either xf86cfg nor xf86config.
> I see that those programs are at least not in the MI set lists but only 
> in a few selected MD lists.
> Is it possible that this list should be reviewed, and xf86config etc. be 
> included for at least the alpha platform (and sparc64, as someone else 
> on IRCnet #NetBSD just noted)?
>  - Hubert

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